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Live streaming is a great way to reach your customers, during lockdown we have been live streaming for Mamas & Papas so they can still communicate their messages to parents around the world

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Want to create a professional music live stream to share with your followers around the world, well why not let us help you execute the perfect live stream with multiple camera angles, colour grade and professional audio capture. Musicians and DJs live streaming isnt just a lockdown thing, its here for life as people now want visuals to go with the streaming of a mix or set at home. 

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Live streaming funerals has become the new norm in this post Covid world and we can facilitate the live stream for you as well as also make a keep sake video of your loved one incorporating their final journey with old photos / videos and their favourite music. These videos are fast becoming extremely popular as families look to pass on digital content of deceased family members through the generations. How good would it be to watch a similar video of your great great grandparents from 100 years ago (if that were possible), you get the idea! 

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