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Want to talk about your journey as a CEO or business leader, want us to film all aspects of your business and create some extremely engaging social content that really talks about what you do and the journey you have been on. We can discuss how the business started, what you specialise in, obstacles you've faced and your vision for the future. As well as a great bit of social content, this can be an awesome keep sake, to pass down to generations in your family, imagine watching this back in 30 years time! We can bring our mobile studio to you anywhere in the UK so pls contact us for more info.


Whats going on at your venue this month? Lets talk about it and share across your socials (and ours) much better than a generic flyer! 


There is no better way of getting the message across than a business owner or representative talking about it. Here at Digital Media Boutique we offer this as a service, Mark our MD will come and interview you and combine it with B-Roll of your venue / offices, you will be the focal point of the interview and it can be made into a sales tool for you to WhatsApp to clients, attach to emails or embed on your web site. A lot of our clients also say they keep these as a keep sake for decades to come! 

You have 90 seconds to talk about your business....."GO"

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